Entire fabric map

Community Mapping as Participatory Embroidery
an experimental geography collaboration between
Liz Kueneke and Adriana Valdez Young

We will be inviting the public to participate in shaping this fabric map of Bushwick at various local venues, events and public spaces beginning in June 2009.  For more information, please contact Adriana Valdez Young – younga@gmail.com or 347.421.3817.

Current Installations:
10/16 – 10/25 – Brooklyn Artillery at Castle Braid

Past Installations:
7/19/09 Maria Hernandez Park 11am to 5pm
7/1 – 9:30-11:30AM- Diana H. Jones Senior Center on Noll Street
7/2 – 2-5PM – Bushwick Public Library on Bushwick Avenue
7/3 – 9:30-11:30AM – Borinquen Plaza Senior Center at 80 Siegel Street

6/6-6/7 – 2-5pm – Bushwick Open Studios at Chez Bushwick

6/10 – 7-11pm – Benefit for Make the Road NY at Galapagos Art Space

6/11 – 3pm – P.S. 377

6/11 – 5-8pm – Benefit for the Academy of Urban Planning at Tandem

A spectrum of economic, cultural and physical flows are shaping the urban fabric of Bushwick, and rapidly shifting the spatial conditions of home, work, and the public sphere.   As the neighborhood’s spatial metabolism processes the recent economic downturn and increasing gentrification, a vibrant network of individuals and institutions from the arts, cultural, business and non-profit sectors continues to emerge and stitch the neighborhood together.  If we mapped the neighborhood’s spaces of vibrancy, resilience, support and collaboration, what shape would they take?  What invisible relationships, connections, and spatial conditions would be made visible?  And what would we see from the map to help us build upon our common strengths and lay the foundation for a sustainable future?

“What Shape is Bushwick” is a participatory installation that invites people to map their own economic, cultural and physical footprints and cross-sector connectivities.  Participants respond to one or all of a list of questions about their perceptions of the neighborhood by sewing simple symbols into the a hand-embroidered street map of Bushwick.  They can also freely embroider along the edges of the map and alter the borders and shape of the urban fabric.  Through this exercise, the residents of Bushwick reflect upon their own neighborhood perceptions, uses and aspirations with the end goal of forming both an individual and collective map.  The project is a collaboration between the public artist and psychogeographer Liz Kueneke, who has implemented participatory embroidery projects in Barcelona, Manhattan and Bangalore and Adriana Valdez Young, the research director of CAPITAL B.