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Watch the I ♡ Bushwick Music Video here!

Thank you Spencer Brown + Stephanie Pereira of Eyebeam!

As part of AIB’s one-day festival, BETA Spaces, the Youth Culture Lab carted a wishing-tree cart from Roberta’s Pizzeria on Moore Street – the new-comer, thin-crust variety popular among the artist crowd – to Fortunata’s Pizzeria on Knickerbocker – the old school sicilian and pizza-by-the-slice sanctuary perfect for after-school snacks and quick lunch-time treat.

Amanda Cordero and I paraded the P-2-P stroll, stopping along the way to talk to BETA space art-gawkers, mechanics working on a Sunday, kids and parents populating Maria Hernandez Park’s playgrounds, and of course, hungry pizza eaters!

Our cart consisted of miniature trees, paper leaves cut in the shape of Bushwick, NYC condoms and fortune cookies donated by the  Wonton Food Company (the largest manufacturer of noodles, cookies and dumpling wrappers, and also our neighbor!).   We invited people to write a wish for the community on one of the Bushwick leaves to hang on our wishing tree.  In exchange, they received a cookie or a condom or both!

Special thanks to Eyebeam student residents for their wishing tree pop-up designs! And thanks to Deanne Ziadie-Nemitz for help with wish compilation!

Check out the Flickr Set + Google Map + read the wishes below (some were collected on the P2P walk and others at the I ♡Bushwick event by the Eyebeam genius resident event designers:

Neighborhood Safety

For more toys for the playground  and more  security
More Security
No over-dosing -13 year old
No bad people anywhere -11 years old
Have a safe, less drug filled, healthier environment for the children.
For less violence
Less guns! more pizza!
No more violence

Community + Environmental Health

Bushwick had more trees
Less cement! More bicycles
There were more trees and diversity (people wise and flora/fauna wise)
Big Trees
Bushwick was a cleaner environment
No littering – 12 years old
Another cleaner park
For more wilderness and less cement factories!!!
Cement factories out of our parks and streets
Universal health care
For more trees
Bushwick had a healthier better food.

The Arts

For  a continual artistic community
Diana Reyna to give more money for arts funding in Bushwick
For affordable options to buy artist spaces in Bushwick.
Everyone would stay happy and show off some art

Social Services + Community Needs

Go give homes to the homeless
Homes for the homeless
Kids in Bushwick had lots of choices  of things to do after school.
I want more opportunities for teens
More English Classes
To go to college

Equality + Peace

Racial Harmony
More unity more community!
For equality for all
For peace
Everyone should have peace
All the love and support and goodness concentrated lives today and extends

Food + Recreation

Fresh affordable veggies
For a coffee shop 2  blocs from my house with very good coffee
For a tasty dish
There were other venues
Dog run in Maria Hernandez
I would like a gay bar
More people go out to see the stars at night

Jobs + Local Economy

Bushwick, I wish for you to return to your industrial past an thrive! And provide jobs jobs, jobs for everyone.
That low income Bushwick residents did not have to fear being pushed/priced out of their homes
More community  activities and jobs without exploitation
That all future pizza places use ovens brought to Bushwick from Italy

Space + Real Estate

I owned a building here
That people would know the neighborhood boundaries better!
That I became more familiar with its streets
I hope the evil yuppies don’t invade Bushwick

Misc. Wishes

Love and a traveling mirror tent
Brighter starz
Bushwick can become cool!
To be skinny
For non-stop sun
For lots of sunshine this winter!!! And not that much snow.
That I was as fierce as Luther Cherry!
Michael Hart moves back to wick and owned a giant loft
I had a puppy
For peace love and more beacon’s closet!
We could all take long baths!

DATE:  October 13, 2009
TIME:  7:00pm
PLACE: Roberta’s
261 Moore Street · Brooklyn, NY 11206
Purchase Tickets online here

ROBERTA’s is super…
(read the Youth Culture Lab’s review of Roberta’s here!)

Roberta’s is throwing a feast next Tuesday, October 13th. We’ll be joined by food and wine gurus Joe Bastianich and Mark Ladner, as well as a host of local foodies and farmers. It’s going to be the most delicious party of the year, and it’s all in the name of building support for a very good cause.

The Cause
Next spring they’re breaking ground on a one-acre rooftop farm in North Brooklyn. Ben Flanner of Greenpoint’s Rooftop Farm and the resourceful and creative entrepreneurs that brought us Roberta’s have committed to build the first ever commercially-viable rooftop farm in the world. Based on low-input, bare bones efficiency and high-yield organic methods, the farm will offer fresh produce to the community downstairs, bringing food and people closer together in order to address the growing environmental, economic and health problems that face our city and our world.

The Bottom Line

The farm is a small business, and it will sustain itself through the sale of affordable fresh produce by cutting out distribution and transportation costs. It is an innovative for-profit urban farm model and an expression of the type of green industry that will enable our city to overcome rising food prices, nutrition-related disease and extreme environmental degradation.

In 2010, they will build one farm, but their vision is for others to replicate our model and thousands of acres of rooftop throughout the city to be put into agricultural use. This is a call to arms: invest in our farm now, and help us plant the seed for New York’s food future.

Buy your tickets today because there’s limited seating!

A giant GRACIAS to everyone who celebrated
on Sunday!


Rains did not stop recycled art production, hydroponic planting, cultural remix open-faced sandwiches, bag stitching, wishing trees, walking history, green theater dreams, friends of the public library, DJ Dancey Pants, dancers, culture mappers + much more from transforming the Chez Bushwick studio into a tremendously gorgeous pop-up-inddor-block party.

THANK YOU to our SUPER DELUXE ♡ contributors:

Arts In Bushwick + Art of Living Yoga + Bags for the People + Beacon Center for Arts and Leadership + Bushwick Food Co-Op + CAPITAL B Youth Culture Lab + Coalition of Hispanic Family Services + DJ Dancey Pants + EYEBEAM + GELATO + Boswyck Farms + Bushwick Starr Theater + Brooklyn Public Library + Laurel Dance Program + No Standing Anytime + Our Goods + Up From Flames

PLEASE  email us your photos to
+ we will add them to the CAPITAL B Flickr set + Eyebeam’s Flickr set!
And check out Michael Hart’s fabulous photos here!

CAPITAL B thanks our local business
+ culinary contributors

Angel’s Fruit Market (for a case of nectarines)
272 Knickerbocker Avenue
Associated Market (for all sorts of super, supermarket essentials)
229 Knickerbocker Avenue
Boars Head (for cheese, mustard, sour kraut + pesto-mayo!)
24 Rock Street
C-Town (for drinks!)
Circo’s Bakery (for a tray of irresistible Italian biscotti!)
328 Knickerboker Avenue
Fortunatas (for pepperoni bites!)
305 Knickerbocker Avenue
Gaby’s Bakery
(for 100 heart-shaped cookies)
238 Knickerbocker Avenue
Kelso of Brooklyn
(for the barley bags from which we stitched cushions!)
Olive Valley (for pita, pita, pita!)
43 Bogart Avenue
La Orquidea Mexican Food Market (for tortillas, limes, beans and spices!)
268 Knickerbocker Avenue
Pica Pica
(for that famous Dominican chicken in that sauce everyone keeps talking about!)
392 Broadway
Mi Bella Dama (for more chicken that was eaten up in seconds!)
296 Knickerbocker Avenue
Northeast Kingdom (for a deluxe cheese + salami platter + bread!)
18 Wycoff Avenue

Roberta’s Pizza (for perfect baguettes!)
261 Moore Street
Trinity Farm Stand (for the perfect fall apples!)
Visit them on Saturdays at Maria Hernandez Park
Wonton Food Company (for 1,750 fortune cookies!)
222 Moore Street

WE SAY CHEERS our extreme
event decorators + pop-up artists

EYEBEAM education coordinator: Stephanie Pereira
EYEBEAM student residents: Luther Cherry, Jade Highleyman, Caroline Spivack, Zoe Baker, Spencer Brown

WE SALUTE our gorgeous event documentarians

PHOTO: Michael Hart
VIDEO: Spencer Brown + Stephanie Pereira

We SHOUT OUT to our amazing volunteers
+ donation-helpers

Lia McPherson + Amy Ramirez + Chloe Bass + Chris Henderson + Hannah Cloepfil + Lise Brenner + Maria Belen Galallaga + Eric Ost + Amanda Cordero + Genesis Henriquez + Wanda Gala + Shriya Malhotra + Udai Malhotra + Pedros + Carizma Pinney + Wander Castillo + Michael Sheriff + Daniel Arsham’s Truck!

We THROW FLOWERS at the feet of our fabulous performers

Jonah Bokaer + Michelle Mola + Davon Rainey

And GRACIAS GUAPA to Christina Kral
of the NSA Test Kitchen

for her extreme snackitecture, culinary-cultural remix sandwiches:
It blew our minds!

Gracias a todos por su ayuda con una
celebración INCREIBLE!

Thank you + let’s keep nourishing the ♡.


Yo Bushwick is a neighborhood celebration that will take place in one of the hearts of the community  – Maria Hernandez Park.  The event is free and open to the public, and invites Bushwick’s diverse residents, organizations and small businesses to collaborate and contribute to a day of outdoor activities, performances and installations that engage the public to have fun, to learn, and to celebrate the best of the neighborhood.

How can I contribute to the ?
Individuals, organizations, businesses and all our neighbors are invited to propose artistic, cultural, educational and recreational activities.  The goal is to offer interactive and informative activities that offer opportunities for community building and fun. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION is FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4TH by 5PM.

We are looking specifically for activities + installations around the following neighborhood themes:

– Personal + Environmental HEALTH
–  HOUSING rights
– Local FOOD +Urban FARMING
– LABOR rights
– TRASH + recycling
– SAFETY + the police
– COMMUNITY building + COLLABORATION + communication

To submit a proposal, please email us the following info:

1. Project Name (optional)
2. Name(s) of lead contact
3. Name of affiliated Organization/Business/School/Group
4. Website
5. Activity Description [What will  you do? Who is your audience?] (50 words max.)
6. How does it relate to one of the community themes? (50 words max.)
7.  What kind of space and logistical requirements will you have?
8.  Would you like us to help you partner with an artist/arts organization? If so, please specify what you’re looking for.
9.  Anything else you’d like us to know?

The deadline to submit a proposal is Friday, September 4th, by 5PM.
Email your proposal to
Any Questions? Call 347.421.3817.

You will be contacted by September 9th regarding logistics and any questions we may have.

Thank you!
And we look forward to reviewing your ♥ proposals.

Christina Kral and Adriana Young
Co-Artistic Directors

Youth Culture Mappers Masha Gindler and Amanda Cordero interview Gabi of Bushwick’s own Putting Lot – 12 Wyckoff Avenue.  Here’s a clip of the interview and you can read their review here!

By Amanda Cordero and Genesis Henriquez
CAPITAL B youth culturemappers

GS Logothread

Golden Stitches 7/10/09
257 Varet Street | 718-456-3621

Who would have thunk it? A nation-wide distributed product is manufactured right here in the heart of the East Williamsburg Industrial Zone. Located across the street from the Boars Head distributor is none other than Golden Stitches (the people who make the uniforms for Boars Head factory workers all over the country). Golden Stitches contains the most amazing array of embroidered designs. Some of their works include a design for the 2000 Subway Series (Yankees vs. Mets), a creative new Looney Tunes design, and the most memorable one, which just so happens to be the Golden Stitches very own logo.  Above the store front door hangs a half naked young lady, while on the contrary, inside, handling the machines, works a group of much older women and the owner (a guy!). The atmosphere of the place is just as interesting, for the fact that the owner, Golden Joe, literally lives in a self built apartment above the factory. Wow!

On July 10, we all took a trip over to the manufacturer to ask for their input on our culture map. But to our surprise no one knew how to sew! Being that they are so used to using the machine, they had no reason to learn how to hand stitch. But no fear the Culture Mappers are here and we are skilled in the art of sewing stars and hearts on a bed sheet in the shape of Bushwick! LOL

All jokes aside, they’re a great group of people and together we are currently working on Bushwick’s new peace slogan: “Less Guns, More Pizza”. Can’t wait to see how that campaign works out!

Cafe Orwell Disco BallsFlying Fish, Disco Balls, and Stars, Oh My!

Cafe Orwell 7/10/09
247 Varet St
(between White St & Bogart St)
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(347) 294-4759

I was always told as a child to stay away from the old factory buildings and to stick to the main streets. But on July 10th I broke the rules. Oh yeah! Along with Adriana and the crew, we set off to explore the land known as the heart of gentrification. Of course since it was my first time out and about in these neck of the woods, Adriana thought it would be fun to let us fend for ourselves. So after helping us set up our culture map on an empty bench outside of Café Orwell, she stepped back and let us handle the show. Boy did we meet some interesting people! When asked the final question on our survey, who do you think you are, Leilanie replied with “I’m a star” and Jessica “I’m either a flying fish or a human disco ball.”  Café Orwell is no doubt an interesting place to get opinions from people who live in the most gentrified areas as opposed to the usual people we speak with who lived here before the gentrification process started.  It’s always good to hear both sides of the story. Café Orwell caught our eyes because of its numerous freelancers typing away at their computers. We had the chance to speak with one of them; a web designer who said that Café Orwell and many other café type places are where he calls work. So if you’ve never seen how the factories have been remodeled, head down to Bogart and Montrose to see what all the buzz is about!

California vs. Bushwick

Los Arcos Café (Practically Everyday)
255 A Bushwick Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(718) 381-2550

Who ever said California has the best burritos obviously never took a stroll down Bushwick Avenue. I’m currently fresh off the plane from San Francisco, a place well known for their abnormally large burritos. But as I sat in the corner of some Mexican restaurant in the Mission District, I realized how much I missed Los Arcos. Los Arcos is to blame for taking my burrito virginity. Before I would have never thought to eat a burrito (because they look repulsive), but along came Los Arcos to change my mind. Their classic Los Arcos burritos are packed with rice, black beans, sour cream, veggies, and your choice of meat. But Los Arcos isn’t just a great place to grab a bite after school, it is also a safe place to go.  And how do I know this? Here’s the story: sometime during the beginning of the school year Genesis and I were hanging out with some of our friends when someone started problems with one of us. To avoid conflict we went into Los Arcos and the kind manager scared the troublemakers by threatening to call the cops. Never mess with a business lady!

Roberta’s Pizza 7/10/09
261 Moore St
Brooklyn, NY 11206-3816
(718) 417-1118

More Pizza
Who would’ve known that for the past nineteen months Roberta’s has been called home by the local hipsters? Located on Bogart and Moore, Roberta’s is definitely a unique pizza spot. Not only does it offer a wide variety of pizza selection, such as the “Specken Wolf” (not actually made with wolf), the atmosphere is different from that of your regular pizza shop. At first glance, you wouldn’t even know that it’s there, with the exception of the small sign above the door and the randomly place ATM machine. But the mood changes as you walk inside. The first room has the feel of a summer cabin. The next room located outside looked more like an empty  lot, complete with a run down car decorated with festive flowers. But what really sets Roberta’s apart is the fact that they have made it so that in such an urban environment it is still possible for their customers to know exactly where the food on their plates is coming from.  After speaking with co-founder Gabe, we learned that atop the Evergreen container boxes, you can find a garden of fresh vegetables and herbs.  No wonder that “Specken Wolf” was so zesty!

Save The Pizza, Save The World

less guns more pizza

Pizza thoughts in general 7/29/09
Save the pizza, save the world. What would this city be without pizza? Pizza is as much a part of this city as our lady liberty herself. New York is known for her amazing talents in putting dough, sauce and cheese together. But there’s a question involved in this; what can pizza do to change our society? Pizza is more than just a comfort food; pizzerias can seriously be considered community centers.  It’s the only other place besides the subway where whole communities can come together to enjoy a universally known happiness.  For this reason Adriana has created the most brilliant peace slogan for Bushwick: “Less Guns, More Pizza.”  Now who’s going to disagree with that?  You all must be wondering how this all came about, but there is a heart-felt explanation for all of this.

Once upon a time on a beautiful day in Bushwick, Adriana went out to the park and set up her culture map on a table. Along came a group of young boys who asked oh so politely, “Yo what is this miz?” Adriana responded, “It’s a culture map, would you like to embroider onto it.” The one to the left responds, “I don’t know how to do that.” After a few moments the boys were stitching up a storm and that’s when Adriana asked, “What would you like to see less of in your neighborhood?” The boys uniformly answered, “violence” and at the same time they agreed that they were hungry.  At that moment the magical light bulb sparked in Adriana’s pretty little head and she realized exactly what Bushwick needed, “Less Guns, More Pizza.”

So what are we doing to make this true?  Well we advise you head on over to your closest pizzeria and share a pie with a group strangers because don’t forget a stranger’s just a friend waiting to happen.

Last Sunday, we invited Knickerbocker block party goers to sew into the fabric map.

Sewers ranged from young photographers and graphic designers to a family recently arrived from Puebla, Mexico, to the children, nephews and nieces of the caretaker of a nearby church.

A big conversation topic that wove across different demographics was rising rents.

Two long-time residents, Lorena and Emma, who have lived in the area around Maria Hernandez Park for over 25 years, complained that they are being pressured by their landlord to move out, “I’m not bad for society.  My only crime is that I pay low rent.”  The landlord would like to replace them with new, higher paying tenants, but Lorena and Emma have raised their children in their neighborhood and have no plans to leave. They see their church as a place where everyone from different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds come together.  They are working with the priest there and with Make the Road NY to organize for tenant rights and to advocate for legal reforms that prevent credit card and loan companies from taking advantage of the poor.

The event was beautifully organized by the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Center and Arts in Bushwick, and you can read more about it in Aaron Short’s article in here!

And thank you to our new intern, Dani Garcia for volunteering!

This morning, I set up the map on the playground of Justice Ramirez Park on McKibben Street, around the corner from the Morgan Avenue subway stop.  These four kids worked together to mark their home, places they thought were safe or unsafe, places affected by gentrification, places important for arts and culture, negative and positive places in their community and places where different people come together.  Afterwards, I brought them to see the Chez Bushwick studio and Nicoletta showed them some new turns and lifts.  They were delighted and plan to come to the public library on Bushwick Avenue next Wednesday afternoon, where I will be setting up the map from 3pm to 5pm.

Elizabeth, George, Jobvani and MichelleGeorge marks his school as a safe place.

Elizabeth (11), George (11) , Jobvani (10) and Michelle (8) are neighbors, friends and siblings. Their plan was to spend the whole day at the park, which they marked as a positive place. They also marked their church as an important place for Mexican culture and a place where different people come together.

George marked his school as a safe place, while Elizabeth marked an area of Bushwick Avenue she thinks is unsafe because of gang activity. The kids asked if I had ever been invited to join a gang. I said no. Some of them have been asked, but they declined.
Justice Ramirez Park is the closest park to their home and it is across the street from a cement factory.

Justice Ramirez Park is the closest park to their home - it is across the street from a cement factory on McKibben Street. Michelle marked an area of Maria Hernandez Park as unsafe because she has seen fights there.

Elizabeth marked as unsafe a spot on Morgan Avenue where there was a recent stabbing.  She also marked an "expensive deli" next door to her house as an indicator of gentrification.

Elizabeth marked as unsafe a spot on Morgan Avenue where there was a recent stabbing. She also marked an "expensive deli" next door to her house as an indicator of gentrification.

farmers market

Every Wednesday!
Starting July 1st!
10am to 6pm

Join Us on Opening Day for:

More farmers! More New York State fruits & veggies!
Vendor space available: Call Travis Tench, Market Manager
502-494-0628 or go to

Also visit the sister markets, all open on Saturdays:
Maria Hernandez Park Farmers Market (Bushwick) 9am – 3pm
Hattie Catharn Community Market (Bedford-Stuyvesant) 8am – 3pm
Malcolm X Blvd Community Market (Bedford-Stuyvesant) 8am – 1pm
Brownsville Community Farmers’ Market (Brownsville) 8:30am – 4pm

Accepting: WIC/Senior FMNP Coupons,
EBT Cards, Health Bucks, and Cash
(Shop with your EBT card and get
free Health Bucks Coupons!)