CAPITAL B is a community-based initiative launched by Chez Bushwick

and supported with a Rockefeller New York City Cultural Innovation Fund award and it stands for Coalition of Art & Performance Initiatives Towards A Livable Bushwick.


B stands for Bushwick . . .
Bushwick is a neighborhood with a vibrant cross section of arts organizations,
independent businesses, industry, long-term residents, and recent residents.

B is also for Brooklyn . . .
A borough that is home to New York City’s fastest growing number of self-employed individuals, with the creative sector comprising 33% of that growth.

And CAPITAL B is many things . . .

*CAPITAL B is a Neighborhood Coalition.
*CAPITAL B has Local Focus & Implementation.
*CAPITAL B aims to build Stable Resources in Bushwick.
*CAPITAL B uses strategies of Social Enterprise.
*CAPITAL B creates responsible Economic Development.
*CAPITAL B creates alliances between Artists, Spaces, & Local Community.
*CAPITAL B improves the Quality of Life for Residents in Bushwick.
* CAPITAL B Uses The Arts To Create Social Change *