As part of AIB’s one-day festival, BETA Spaces, the Youth Culture Lab carted a wishing-tree cart from Roberta’s Pizzeria on Moore Street – the new-comer, thin-crust variety popular among the artist crowd – to Fortunata’s Pizzeria on Knickerbocker – the old school sicilian and pizza-by-the-slice sanctuary perfect for after-school snacks and quick lunch-time treat.

Amanda Cordero and I paraded the P-2-P stroll, stopping along the way to talk to BETA space art-gawkers, mechanics working on a Sunday, kids and parents populating Maria Hernandez Park’s playgrounds, and of course, hungry pizza eaters!

Our cart consisted of miniature trees, paper leaves cut in the shape of Bushwick, NYC condoms and fortune cookies donated by the  Wonton Food Company (the largest manufacturer of noodles, cookies and dumpling wrappers, and also our neighbor!).   We invited people to write a wish for the community on one of the Bushwick leaves to hang on our wishing tree.  In exchange, they received a cookie or a condom or both!

Special thanks to Eyebeam student residents for their wishing tree pop-up designs! And thanks to Deanne Ziadie-Nemitz for help with wish compilation!

Check out the Flickr Set + Google Map + read the wishes below (some were collected on the P2P walk and others at the I ♡Bushwick event by the Eyebeam genius resident event designers:

Neighborhood Safety

For more toys for the playground  and more  security
More Security
No over-dosing -13 year old
No bad people anywhere -11 years old
Have a safe, less drug filled, healthier environment for the children.
For less violence
Less guns! more pizza!
No more violence

Community + Environmental Health

Bushwick had more trees
Less cement! More bicycles
There were more trees and diversity (people wise and flora/fauna wise)
Big Trees
Bushwick was a cleaner environment
No littering – 12 years old
Another cleaner park
For more wilderness and less cement factories!!!
Cement factories out of our parks and streets
Universal health care
For more trees
Bushwick had a healthier better food.

The Arts

For  a continual artistic community
Diana Reyna to give more money for arts funding in Bushwick
For affordable options to buy artist spaces in Bushwick.
Everyone would stay happy and show off some art

Social Services + Community Needs

Go give homes to the homeless
Homes for the homeless
Kids in Bushwick had lots of choices  of things to do after school.
I want more opportunities for teens
More English Classes
To go to college

Equality + Peace

Racial Harmony
More unity more community!
For equality for all
For peace
Everyone should have peace
All the love and support and goodness concentrated lives today and extends

Food + Recreation

Fresh affordable veggies
For a coffee shop 2  blocs from my house with very good coffee
For a tasty dish
There were other venues
Dog run in Maria Hernandez
I would like a gay bar
More people go out to see the stars at night

Jobs + Local Economy

Bushwick, I wish for you to return to your industrial past an thrive! And provide jobs jobs, jobs for everyone.
That low income Bushwick residents did not have to fear being pushed/priced out of their homes
More community  activities and jobs without exploitation
That all future pizza places use ovens brought to Bushwick from Italy

Space + Real Estate

I owned a building here
That people would know the neighborhood boundaries better!
That I became more familiar with its streets
I hope the evil yuppies don’t invade Bushwick

Misc. Wishes

Love and a traveling mirror tent
Brighter starz
Bushwick can become cool!
To be skinny
For non-stop sun
For lots of sunshine this winter!!! And not that much snow.
That I was as fierce as Luther Cherry!
Michael Hart moves back to wick and owned a giant loft
I had a puppy
For peace love and more beacon’s closet!
We could all take long baths!