DATE:  October 13, 2009
TIME:  7:00pm
PLACE: Roberta’s
261 Moore Street · Brooklyn, NY 11206
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ROBERTA’s is super…
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Roberta’s is throwing a feast next Tuesday, October 13th. We’ll be joined by food and wine gurus Joe Bastianich and Mark Ladner, as well as a host of local foodies and farmers. It’s going to be the most delicious party of the year, and it’s all in the name of building support for a very good cause.

The Cause
Next spring they’re breaking ground on a one-acre rooftop farm in North Brooklyn. Ben Flanner of Greenpoint’s Rooftop Farm and the resourceful and creative entrepreneurs that brought us Roberta’s have committed to build the first ever commercially-viable rooftop farm in the world. Based on low-input, bare bones efficiency and high-yield organic methods, the farm will offer fresh produce to the community downstairs, bringing food and people closer together in order to address the growing environmental, economic and health problems that face our city and our world.

The Bottom Line

The farm is a small business, and it will sustain itself through the sale of affordable fresh produce by cutting out distribution and transportation costs. It is an innovative for-profit urban farm model and an expression of the type of green industry that will enable our city to overcome rising food prices, nutrition-related disease and extreme environmental degradation.

In 2010, they will build one farm, but their vision is for others to replicate our model and thousands of acres of rooftop throughout the city to be put into agricultural use. This is a call to arms: invest in our farm now, and help us plant the seed for New York’s food future.

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