By Amanda Cordero

“Imagine 125 men carrying a Five-Ton, Five-Story, Hand-Sculptured Tower and a 12- piece Brass Band on their shoulders dancing it through their neighborhood in tempo to joyous Italian folk songs.” (

Lucky me, I didn’t have to imagine this, I saw it with my own eyes. On July 12, my mother woke me up bright and early to head to Our Lady of Mount Carmel for Sunday mass. But this was no ordinary Sunday afternoon. The church was packed with many different people, particularly Italians, for the dance of the Giglio. The streets of the north side of Williamsburg, Brooklyn were packed yesterday with people trying to catch a glimpse of both towers making their way down the street to the front of the church.

But if your not a fan of tradition, fret not for their was more to do than watch two towers dance in the street. For the next few weeks the area surrounding Our Lady of Mount Carmel, in the northside, will be hosting a five-block long street fair. Trust me, there’s something for everyone: games, rides, music and food. Its a relaxing way to spend time after work.

Being a teenager, I advise the best time to visit the festival is after dark, especially if you want to meet new people (wink*wink).