Jenny's Flower

A flower is added to the Evergreen Cemetery . . .

This morning at the senior center, Jenny, who was born with myopia and is now almost blind was able to navigate the fabric map by feeling the different textures.  I embroidered a flower in the Evergreen Cemetery in honor of the 13 family members she has buried there.  She moved to Bushwick from Puerto Rico when she was 17.  She believes that the heart of her community is Puerto Rico.

Genesis and Amanda at the public library

Young Cultural Mappers will be mapping everything from tamales to galleries . . .

Genesis and Amanda, two aspiring artists and 11th graders from Brooklyn Latin High School set off with enthusiasm to document, survey and map a list of places, food stands, festivals, events, galleries based on their own points of interest and those that have been marked on the fabric map of Bushwick.  They are also going to interview their grandmothers who worked in sweatshops in this area and are now local business owners.  They will also be producing a night of CAKE this summer at Chez Bushwick that will feature young performers and musicians.


Architects  spin stitches into pixels

Charity and Christine, the architecture interns, compiled a comprehensive marketing info for the condo study, and they also started crafting the Google Maps version of the fabric map.


Culinary Circuits

Our new intern from Paris, Thomas, learned how to use Google My Maps to trace the route of a local ice cream truck and one delivery route for Meals on Wheels.  We’ll be adding layers of photo and video documentation, but here is a preview.